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My TISS GD/PI Experience

I do keep getting messages to share my GD/PI experiences of TISS and I give a standard reply that I did it long time back in Pagal Guy interview threads. But to save people time in searching, I am copy pasting the content here  on the very same day I had given interview 3 years back :) :)

I have not intentionally shared the answers I have given, as there would be no right or wrong answers and depends very much on context and your personal back ground

Wishing every one all the best for interview process

PS: One other article on TISS interview process

This post is written just after my interview process ( in 2011) and hence reflects my feelings at that point of time ( Ofcourse, its quite memorable to think of that time now :) )

Here goes my exp from 9th march (it brings all the pain full memories :( )

profile: 10th 81.8
12th 87.4 70.07
work ex: 33 months in IT biggie in the training dept

GD: HR case study( its already mentioned in previous pages
5 mins to think 15 mins to discuss)

NOTE: TISS had done away with GDs from 2012 batch and instead is having essay writing

we were warned that unruly behaviour will attract negative marks
total 10 members in thr group (but 3 of them had 2-3 min monologues and gave others hardly a chance to speak :( )

i chiippped in with valid points but only twice :(

my GD had completed at 9:30 in the morning and interview at 5 PM in the evening and i didnt even know when they will call me

@ seniors : its a suggestion,might be u can atleast give indicative times some thing like ur interview starts after 4  etc...)

Almost every one had 15-20 mins interviews

my panel intervied 19 members altogether and most of them are s/w guys

out of them 9are from my company and 3 are from my dept :(

tell me abt urslef(this is very imp and i screwed in this question.... misplaced confidence on my abilities :( )
other questions were taken from 1st question and they are as below in no particular order

what are PSU's in vizag (my home town)
problems in APSRTC (my fathers organisation)
why will there be labour unrest
is region aids in labour uynrest
whats ur biggest dream in life( i answered i have no big dreams)
NOTE: This question was answered by Mulla sir  and exact answer I gave is some thing like " I don't have any big dreams and live life as it comes by ) and I got that trade mark smile from Mulla sir, the meaning of which I got to know during Guruvandana ( Last formal meeting at the end of second year)

why don't u do and join academics?

As this is my 1st interview after almost 4 years after my campus interviews .i am very nervous and waiting for almost 9 hrs didn't help me either...

but the interview panels were very friendly and even when u say some thing wrong they won't change their expresions...

i spoke at a very rapid pace and answerd as soon as i was asked question (one of the member even asked me to take time , thgink and answer but i didn't:drinking:)

my chances of conversion are almost Nill ...but i do believe in miracled:lookround:

few tips:
take some book to kill time
taking some fruits would also help( there are not many items to try in canteen)

Thanks to the seniors who are there and more than willling to answer all our questions

special thanks to yogesh and Raju singh (1st year seniors)

Overall the entire conduction of interviews is very professional (except for the long waiting for PI)

all the best to every one

definetely TISS is the place to be

Status update:Converted with 78/100 marks in GD/PI(129.8/175)

lesson learnt:Its not always what u percieve abt genuine....and the rest would be taken care of

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